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les pépinières de france


  • 9 growers specialised in trees, shrubs and climbers.  

  • 500 hectares of production in open-fields and in containers.

  • 2,000,000 plants produced every year: from young to finished plants.

  • 170 employees

Our nurseries

Our strenghts

Our goals

  • Promote top-quality and unique plants (age, size, shape, variety, etc).

  • Build up trusty and long-term business relationships.

  • Offer a reliable transport service in Europe and beyond.

Our certifications

  • Plante Bleue

  • MPS


  • Organic agriculture
  • Specialist nurseries.

  • 5,000 products in our offer.

  • 1,500 varieties including 100 licensed by the group.

  • Forms and varieties innovations.

  • Multilingual sales team.

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                                        plays a key role in the European horticulture industry because of its

wide offer and strategic products such as new varieties, old specimen trees or rare trained trees.

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