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Mature Trees from Guillot Bourne

Guillot Bourne is a 150-year old tree nursery located south of Lyon in France. It's the 1st French organic ornamental tree nursery and one of the main mature tree nursery in France.

150 years of love for trees and close collaboration with cities, landscapers, private people and gardeners to deliver the right tree at the right place and make the project successful on a long-term base. Guillot Bourne has taken part in some of the most outstanding projects in cities (Paris, Lyon, Genève, etc.) or in some of the nicest private gardens in France and abroad.

They grow more than 400 varieties in open-fields (170hectares) and in air-pot (2 hectares) for off-season supplies. Among their plant specialities: the oaks, the ornamental cherry trees and the drought resistant trees (Sophora japonica, Gleditsia triacanthos, Koelreuteria paniculata, Quercus cerris). They also work on a selection of small-sized trees which are best for some parts of cities, small gardens and terraces.

They have also developed for many years now a successful process for trees in pots named Gebebac Hf®. This is a solution for projects where planting in the ground is not possible. This system guaranties a successful establishment of the plant thanks to the selection of appropriate media, a good irrigation system and adapted species.

Offering high quality plants and reliable technical advice are certainly the main goals of Guillot Bourne nursery. For further enquiries please get in touch with our team by phone or email.

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