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International garden festival of Chaumont

The International Garden Festival is a laboratory for contemporary garden and landscape design. Since 1992 it takes place every year in the park of Chateau of Chaumont in Loire Valley. It is a place where people from the public and people in the trade meet to combine new approches, new ideas, new design.

Our nursery members are very proud to have been partners to this event for a long time supplying plant collection to some outstanding gardens.

As example Pépinières Ripaud supplied the garden "L'arche de Linné" with tree ferns, trachycarpus wagnerianus, yucca rostrata, wollemi pine, etc. This garden was awarded best garden in 2015.

Javoy Plantes and Guillot Bourne has also supplied the Festival over the years. This is always a great opportunity to take part in it to exchange about plants, architecture and biodiversity worldwide.

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