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Climbers and Clematis from Javoy Plantes

Dernière mise à jour : 25 mars 2020

Javoy Plantes is a family-run plant nursery located south of Paris. They are specialised in climbers and are one of the main leaders in Clematis production in Europe. They grow about 1.2 millions plants per year on 8ha of plateforms and glasshouses. They offer about 400 different varieties of climbers including 150 Clematis varieties from young plants to finished products. In addition to their production activity, they have a selection programme for new climbers varieties. Among their latest novelties we can mention :

Clematis Sugar SweetTM: first scented large flowered Clematis with a very delicate fragrance close to accacia perfum. The variety is vigourous and grows well in pots.

Clematis Burning LoveTM: vibrant and deep red colours. It is also a vigourous variety : hardy to -15°C, pest and disease resistant, wind resistance and drought resistant. It can grow up to 4m high.

Clematis Christmas SurpriseTM : evergreen Clematis with white bell-shaped flowers from November to February. It can grow up to 2.5m high.

The nursery is recognised aborad for their long and established Savoir-Faire in climbers propagation and production. They control the whole process and are therefore able to offer their customers a high quality product. High standards and Flexibility are key values in the company.

For further enquiries, please get in touch with our teams by phone or email.

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